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Georg Elser Memorial

„I was a free man. One must do what is right.

If man is not free, everything dies.”

Georg Elser

The Georg Elser Memorial is located in the building Herwartstraße 3 in the historic centre of Königsbronn, Germany - situated directly opposite the baroque town hall and the former hammer mill, which as a cultural hall offers rooms for large lectures, seminars and workshop events.

The memorial, which until now has only been accessible through a narrow corridor on the ground floor of the building and a steep staircase, will in future be barrier-free. The vertical access to the 1st floor will therefore be from the outside. A new staircase will be built on the southern side of the building, into which a lift will be integrated.

This will make the Georg Elser memorial more prominent in the public space than before.

The striking steel construction confidently cites the long industrial tradition of the Königsbronn community. It provides a visible contrast to the existing building fabric, drawing visitors' attention to the Georg Elser memorial.

In 2017 the construction and financial planning were successfully presented to the municipal council.

In 2019 all Landtagsfraktionen adopted cross-party a „Letter of Intent“ referring to the plans for the memorial.

The federal president of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited the memorial on the 4th of November 2019, where the  planning was presented to him.


The financing is currently under development ...

Project team: Bildkultur in cooperation with quintessence design und Jörg J. Berchtold

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