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Joerg J. Berchtold

Dipl. Ing.
Free architect dwb


Architecture studies at the Technical University of Stuttgart

+ abk Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design with Prof. Arno Votteler 

2nd prize in the competition "Lebensraum Büro" (office living space)

Work in the architectural office Schnell & Schnell

Internship in the architectural office Bau-Werk-Stadt, Stuttgart

1998 Architecture prize of the University of Stuttgart: Diploma thesis with Honours


1998 Foundation of ‘Berchtold Projekte’

2002 - 2003 Partnership with Wolfgang Schellhammer


2004 Registration as architect with, AKBW Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg

2013 Appointed to the Deutscher Werkbund dwb

2022 Board member of Deutscher Werkbund BW

Werkbund Label 2022 award ceremony, Regional Council Karlsruhe, laudation for the SWR series craftsmanship, Okt. 2022


"The Werkbund Estates in Europe 1927-32", panel talk on the occasion of the award of the Euorpean Heritage Label, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Stuttgart, Okt. 2022

May 2021 Werkbund.brief 62

2020-2022 cooperation with Ambika Hinduja (Dubai / Mumbai), design and technical realization of several objects in collaboration with Peter Muehlhaeusser, Strassacker

2019-2020 Joseph Walsh Studio "Warehouse" Cork, Ireland. Refurbishment and design of the production hall of therenowned artist and designer Joseph Walsh.

Ongoing support of the studio development and further projects.

"Arno Votteler in conversation", 2017-2019, joint project with Prof. Renate Gebessler, for the documentation of the work and life of Arno Votteler

2018 "Design und Schule" (design and school), project of the dwb Deutscher Werkbund, Stuttgart chapter together with the VDID (Association of German Industrial Designers)

"Decoding Craftsmanship II", seminar by Joseph Walsh Studio, in Cork, Ireland. Lecture / Presentation on ‘SnailShellHouse’ and panel discussion Sept. 2017

"The VBKW asks questions to ...", expert panel on art and building / art in public space. Participation in panel discussion, May 2017 at Stuttgart Town Hall 

"Arno Votteler. the Designer and his Master Students", exhibition at the Kurhaus Freudenstadt. Participation in the panel discussion, March 2017

2016 Curation of the photo exhibition "Stuttgart - Stadtraum in Bewegung" together with Frank Huster, Wolfram Janzer and Andrea Scholtz. Co-editor of the exhibition catalogue, available from av-edition

2010 Completion of Tai Chi teacher training, Tai Chi Academy, Stuttgart (continued training since then)

2006 "Wort-Spiel-Zeug", exhibition by Hans-Magnus Enzensberger, realisation of 12art objects, commissioned by "Artkonzept", 2006 Kunsthalle Würth, Schwäbisch Hall. 2007 German Literature Archive, Marbach, et al.

1996-1999 'The Berchtold Family houses‘, design and supervision of the project.

Optimisation of the houses to the standard of ‚low-energy house‘ 

Special developments as well as glazing technology (MB system)

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