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Custom-made products and cooperations

Lost In The Embrace

Bronze Sculpture

71 x 43,3 x 32 1/3 in

Dubai, The Sublime Nature of Being exhibition 2022

Realisation Joerg J. Berchtold

in cooperation with Kunstgiesserei Strassacker, Kranz Metallbau, Sattler Lighting

"Lost in The Embrace is a self-illuminating sculpture that also acts as an art-mounting easel, designed with a Modernist aesthetic that infuses my signature use of nature inspired elements"

Ambika Hinduja Macker

/ impeccable imagination

Bronze Desk

Dubai, 2021



Jörg J. Berchtold

in cooperation with

Kunstgiesserei Strassacker, Kranz Metallbau


developed for Transnet BW

Würzburg, 2020

Plans are held with a clamping bar for easy fixing and backlit with the use of an illuminated plate of Perspex . A transparent cover in front of original work allows sketching / commenting without altering the original.


A more than 5 meters long light source - dimmable, with adjustable white tone.


Installed in a meeting room that gets its orientation from the “Whiteboard”.

Watch Cabinet

New York, 2016

Realisation of the interior metal construction


more about watch cabinet

In Aer

Chicago, SOFA Exhibition 2007

Realisation of the components made of metal